Hundreds sign petition opposed to 280 apartments

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Petitioners are putting up a fight against a proposed rezoning that would allow 280 apartment units to be added on Gladiolus Drive.

"So many residents in that area had little to no notice about this entire situation," said Pattie Lack, leader of the petition. "They posted these signs up where people can't easily see them where by law they need to have the signs posted where passersby and residents know."

Lack said there are a number of reasons why they are opposed to the rezoning.

"This is important because more crimes are already in the area," said Lack. "That would increase and traffic is already horrible. More than anything it is a safety concern for children getting dropped off by the bus at the gas station."

Right now there is a Facebook group developed for this very opposition called Apartment 280. Several residents have not only commented online but on paper as well.

"There are several letters stating the opposition to this," said Lack. "Even the Nettleton School District is opposed to more apartments going up in the area."

Lack feels there is a better way to improve the city of Jonesboro.

"They figure that there just all these apartments so let's just make this apartment city but you know it is a C-3 commercial property right now," said Lack. "Bring in the business. If they want to grow Jonesboro don't grow it with apartments, grow it with businesses and then the people will come."

In Tuesday night's Jonesboro City Council meeting, Lack presented a PowerPoint presentation about the concerns of residents in the area.

"I hope this shows them that there are so many people concerned about this and that this is really important to them," said Lack. "I just hope the city council makes the right decision."

In total, Lack said over 1,000 people have signed their petition.

"I understand that there have to be apartments to satisfy that need for the public but you know we just don't need anymore apartments in that area," said Lack. "We don't want them, we don't need them now or ever."

Region 8 News reached out to the developers asking for the rezoning request. They have yet to respond.

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