Sidewalks deemed safety-hazard in Hornersville

(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)
Sidewalks in a small Dunklin County town have become a safety hazard, according to the mayor.
The city of Hornersville in the Missouri Bootheel is looking to do something about the sidewalks.
The mayor, Cathy Ward, suggested the city get rid of the sidewalks altogether; however, not everyone is on board.
Region 8 News spoke to City Clerk Kameron Roy on Tuesday, he said residents do not want the city to get rid of them.

Some people in the community consider the sidewalks historical, Roy said.

The city said they are in poor shape: cracking, falling apart, caving in.

They are crumbling, with that happening, weve got kids who ride their bikes and weve got a large elderly population in the city, the sidewalks are a safety hazard for both, Roy said.

The project is ongoing and they recommend residents input at town meetings on every third Tuesday of the month.

We can look into different options like resurfacing them, or resurfacing the caved in spots, so maybe we could appease the people who are against getting rid of them, Roy said.

Mayor Ward, though, said ultimately the sidewalk project decision would be made based on the safety of the community. 

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