COPY-GPS Farming Is Accurate To the Centimeter

March 27, 2005---

Walnut Ridge--   Rice farmers will tell you, after you plant, it's time to build your levees. To best chart the elevations of their fields, some use lasers, others use GPS. But "Did You Know" there is a new way to use GPS that is accurate down to the centimeter and man from Bono created it.

"We're bringing several technologies to farming," Terry Browning says, "Bluetooth Wireless, there's no connecting cables at all."

And that's just a couple of reasons Terry says his land leveling software is the best. All it takes is a wireless HP tablet, the base, the rover, put it in drive and you're in business. Terry gave me a demo at the Walnut Ridge Airport.

"It's mainly a time savings for the farmer." Browning said.

That means, no more hauling out all the heavy laser land leveling gear. Another advantage; weather isn't as big of a factor.

"The laser does not work well in wind where as the GPS the wind doesn't effect it at all."

Terry says he could have developed this program some time ago but he was waiting for the technology to improve and you have to trust his judgment. Article after article in farming publications show he's been on the cutting edge since he developed his first program, for his dad, over 20 years ago.

"For me, it was kind of a natural. I grew up on the farm. I ran our dirt buggies, I've surveyed rice levies. I knew the application."

The cost: Terry's system does cost more than lasers but less than previous GPS versions. If you would like to learn more about terry's software and if it's right for your farm, you can check out his web site