Region 8 Peach Farmers Have Good Crop

JULY 17, 2005- Posted at 3:30 p.m. CDT

Leachville, AR- With the recent weather in the area, many local farmers have been worried about their crops, but we caught up with Leon Swihart, a Leachville peach farmer, who says his crops really benefited from the rain.

"Starting about May it didn't rain and we were really worried, but we got just the perfect amount of rain for our peaches these last four times. Now they are swelling up and are going to be super good."

Customers and lifelong friends, such as Cordie Dow, agree that the peaches are coming along nicely and taste great.

"I like it all, they're good for lots of things like cobbler, pies, and freezing."

Even though the rains helped, Leon says there are other problems that could destroy his crops.

"We have to spray every week if we didn't you'd have a worm in every peach. We didn't have any problems with the Spring frost, but many farmers do and you could lose your whole crop."

After three generations of peach farmers, Leon Swihart as seen it all. He feels this is one of the best crops in a long time.

"We had to take clubs and beat them off by the thousands under each tree. They really need about two more days to be ripe enough to freeze, but they're great for eating in front of the television."