City concerned about having more apartments

City concerned about having more apartments
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BONO, AR (KAIT) - An apartment developer is looking at adding over 100 more apartments to the city of Bono, but officials are a bit skeptical about the project.

According to Mayor Danny Shaw, the issue was brought before the Bono Planning and Zoning committee.

"These developers have had some good apartments in the city for about eight years now," said Shaw. "The Hill View apartments are great quality apartments. "The question is, are we going to be able to live with that amount of apartments in one wad like that."

The developers are looking at buying 10 acres of land where the old school property currently stands and building 116 apartments.

"If this were to happen, the good news is that that property would get cleaned up and won't just rot away for years to come," said Shaw.

Shaw said they are more concerned about what is to come in the future.

"Down the road in ten years, these apartments that they are trying to build may not be so good," said Shaw. "We have had a lot of apartments and issues with them. We have had a landlord who has lost a good amount of those apartments because he couldn't maintain it. We don't want more places where crime can grow if it is not maintained correctly like we have had in the past."

Shaw said though they are questions about having an additional 116 apartment units in the city, he can see some good come from this.

"Pros include it could bring more people to the city," said Shaw. "Like about 3 to 400 residents could come which would be good for all of our businesses. We can also encourage more economic development such as a new grocery store."

However, the cons are still visible.

"Having that many apartments where people are going in and out of Bono because they do not reside here permanently could be an issue," said Shaw. "Also, the traffic could be an issue."

At the end of the meeting, Shaw said they decided to put a sign out informing residents on the rezoning request so they can weigh in on how the city should decide.

He said should they move forward with this rezoning the developers will have strict rules to adhere to.

"Any kind of growth on the front end looks good," said Shaw. "There are certain kinds of growth that we want to be careful about and so we just have to be cautious as we take these steps to grow in the right direction to build a city that will sustain itself in the future."

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