Brookland infrastructure improvements continue, officials say

Brookland infrastructure improvements continue, officials say
(Source: KAIT-TV)
(Source: KAIT-TV)

BROOKLAND, AR (KAIT) - The city of Brookland has continued to make infrastructure improvements, with the new Brookland water tower already done.

Brookland Superintendent of the city's Water and Sewer System, Tim Harrington, said a tax kicked all this off.

"Our citizens voted in a two-cent sales tax to improve our water system," Harrington said. "This is the result of that. Our water tower is a four hundred-thousand-gallon tank."

Harrington said it was well past time to see the old water replaced with one that could accommodate their larger population.

"We're putting in," Harrington said. "A 750 gallon per minute pump. We have a three hundred-thousand-gallon tank over here with a 750 gallon and a 50,000-gallon tank with a 225. It's gone past its years. So, it's time to retire that thing."

But the new water tower isn't the only improvement.

"We're running 8-inch lines all around and throughout the city," Harrington said. "We're replacing old six-inch lines that are ac lines and during that process, the fire hydrants are being replaced too. That's the reason you're seeing a new fire hydrant and an old fire hydrant when you're driving down school street."

Harrington said the larger water lines are better and will help provide more protection for residents.

"Our ordinance requires," Harrington said. "That any additions added on have to be six-inch water lines or more. The larger the water line the better the capacity and the better flow test that we have for fire departments so that we can decrease our ISO rating. This is what Chief Beck and the fire department are trying to do."

The water lines are also moving out.

"We're expanding our water systems out on the highway," Harrington said. "We're looking at sewer and we're putting new sewer lines in. You have the Whispering Hills subdivision now in Brookland that's going to be developing. They're running sewer and water as we speak. Out on 230 East, we just put down a new six-inch line for people getting annexed into the city because their wells are pumping sand. So, we kind of had to jump in an emergency clause on that. They asked to be in the city, so that is one of the services we can provide."

They're putting in around 50 new fire hydrants.

"The fire hydrants are required by state law to be at least 1,000 feet apart," Harrington said. "We've even got some fire hydrants five or six hundred feet apart. We have them where there are potential needs. If there are more residents congregated in one area, that's where fire protection is needed. We follow all the rules and guidelines to protect the citizens of Brookland."

The water tower still needs to be painted.

Once complete, they'll begin digging the well.

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