Harrisburg football hosts date night

HARRISBURG, AR (KAIT) - Harrisburg football looks to turn the corner this year.

New head coach Aaron Thornton hoping to build a team and program that can contend in the area for years to come.

But, he also focuses on teaching the players off the football field, especially when it comes to manners.

"I believe that everything about our society tells our young men that being a man is about how many girls they can find," Thornton said. "How much money they have. How many cars they drive."

So, Thornton decided to teach his players the proper way to treat a lady.

And he got a little help from their moms.

"One of the things we thought would be a really cool event as a staff is we thought we would do a mom's date night," Thornton said. "We get a great opportunity for the kids to enjoy a night out with their moms, but we also got a chance to teach them some proper dating techniques."

The players went out for the night to Gavin's in downtown Harrisburg, and put those lessons to the test.

"Clay did a good job tonight of opening my door, and pulling the seat out for me,"  Brittni Stanphill, the mom of senior quarterback Clay Wright, said. "We're laughing about it the whole time, but I think those are really great values."

It was a night where a football team focused on life beyond the field.

"Football is not always going to be around, and we need to know how to treat other people once we get past football," Harrisburg senior wide receiver Gavin Casebier said.