Man with heart failure in search of bee box for niece

Man with heart failure in search of bee box for niece
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: John Ivy)
(Source: John Ivy)
(Source: John Ivy)
(Source: John Ivy)

TRUMANN, AR (KAIT) - A family found themselves stung after someone stole their handmade bee box off their property Saturday. Now, that family is creating a buzz on social media to get it back.

John Ivy and his 4-year-old great niece, Sierra Knuckles, have always done hobbies together since she moved in with him two years ago.

"We always get to make things," said Ivy. "It's about teaching her how to do these things on her own."

Hand painting gourds, nests, and bee boxes are just a few of the things they do together.

"Sometimes Nana has to clean up the messes we leave behind," said Ivy. "We have a good time though."

Creating things is a time Ivy said he cherishes and doesn't take for granted.

"It really means a lot to me," said Ivy. "I have heart failure so I won't be here much longer but I want her to have things to remember me by."

Because he finds moments with his niece precious, Ivy said he is upset that someone would steal one of their creations together.

"We have built and painted several bee boxes together but this one that they stole is special," said Ivy. "It took us about a month to get it done. That was one she was going to keep forever because it is made of good wood and paint that would stay on there forever so she would have it to pass to her kids if she wanted."

Ivy said they noticed the bee box missing from their property Saturday and since then, they have looked everywhere.

"I even went all the way to Bay to find it but still could not locate it," said Ivy. "I contacted police and they told me they would keep their eyes open for it."

Ivy even took to social media in a Facebook post that said:

"Some low life here in Trumann stole Sierra's and my little honey bee box that we built and painted together. Sierra and I spent months painting and lovingly putting together our little bee hive. Something we did together is now gone forever. To the low life who stole this project of love, I hope, one day, someone does the same to you. I hope someone breaks your heart and takes something so presses from you. Low life creature. Please share. Maybe we can get this to go viral and maybe recover me and Sierra's honeybee Hive back home."

Ivy said his niece can't stop talking about it.

"It was the boogie man who stole it," said Sierra. "He sneaked in our yard when we didn't hear it."

Ivy said he believes if the one responsible for this crime knew how personal it was to their family, they would bring it back.

"We just really want it back," said Ivy. "We are not even going to ask any questions or anything. We just want it back."

Ivy said though all of the hobbies they do together mean so much to him, he would do anything to get that one bee hive back.

"You know we are not going to have these chances very often especially with me being in and out of the hospital all the time and her being in school now we don't have a lot of time to do things," said Ivy.

Since Ivy has worked to get the word out about his niece's bee box, the family has received several offers of bee boxes from surrounding areas.

"We even got a call from a bee keeper in West Memphis offering us a new bee box with bees," said Ivy.

Trumann Police Chief Chad Henson said if anyone has any information about the bee box to contact police at (870) 483-6423.

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