Drainage on Craighead Forest Lake is for Improvements

July 18, 2005- Posted at 3:00 p.m.
Jonesboro, AR-- If you've been out to Cragihead Forest lately, you might have noticed the lake is being drained. Park Director Jason Wilkie says it seems odd, but they are actually going to improve it.
"The overall project is to help with the fishing. We want to drain part of the lake and help with erosion."
Draining the lake will dry out the coves. Park officials plan to dig out 2 or 3 more inches and then lay rocks to achieve a better aquatic habitat for the fish.
"Right now, people talk about the little fish in the lake. By doing this the smaller fish will be able to go into the nooks and crannies of the rocks to grow and be protected from getting eaten. After 3 or 4 years we should have a good stock of fish... big and small."
Area anglers are concerned the moss will continue to ruin their fishing, but Wilkie apologizes for poor fishing and moss, and says he hopes to control that problem.
"When we dig the lake, we are going to put grass carp to eat the moss. If that doesn't take care of it, we safe chemicals we can use."
The park will also recieve a new fishing area for children and seniors that will be handicap accessible. A bridge will be constructed, shutting off a cove with a fence underneath to keep the water flowing freely and the fish inside.
Projects for the park won't be complete for awhile, but Wilkie says if the weather permits, the lake will be drained in 3 weeks and they can begin work.
"We really hoped to start in the Spring, because we thought we would have a dry summer, but we have triathalons out here and it just wasn't feasible."
While the park is under renovations, it is still open and welcome to the public.