Family Looking for Answers to Mom's Death

July 19, 2005--Posted at 5:00 pm CDT

Randolph Co.--It’s a murder with more questions than answers, but at least police say they know who did it.  Next month Michael Garrett is set to stand trial on manslaughter charges.

Garrett is on trial for allegedly killing his girlfriend. 


It all began shortly after a car ride home on the first day of the year.  Garrett and Johnson were unloading shopping bags when somehow a rifle went off.. and the gun shot later killed Johnson.

An attorney representing the Johnson family says Garrett has allegedly confessed to the crime, but authorities seem to have no ambition to go after murder charges. 


 “I just don’t understand it,” Attorney David Rees said,  “They should charge him with second degree murder.  I don’t know what the hold up is.”

Another problem is the family say Third District prosecuting attorney Henry Boyce has been very secretive about what’s going on.  “I don’t know anything about the case.”

Former husband Dickey Johnson said,  “It is just frustrating the lack of communication we have been given.”


Garrett’s trial is set to begin August 24.