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Paragould, AR--Ron Smiley Reports

Downtown Fire Leaves Families Stranded

July 20, 2005--Posted 3:00 pm CDT


Paragould, AR--It tookParagould fire fighters more than 12 hours to completely put out a blaze at the old JC Ford Building in downtown Paragould. 


 The fire began shortly after ten Tuesday night, and fireman were still at the scene late Wednesday afternoon.  The hot weather didn’t help firefighters. Many of the men fighting the fire were fatigued and dehydrated.


The building is more than eighty years old and managed to give more than just the firefighter’s trouble.  Several families called the building home as renters on the second floor.  Those families are now finding other temporary places to stay and hope the Red Cross can help them find lodging.

The fire was thought to have started in the building's attic.  Complications arose due to the construction of the building, and the several roofs, firefighters say, were in place.  These factors made it difficult to find hot spots, and when they were found they would often times spread quickly to other areas.

Paragould Fire Chief Eddie Brown says no one was seriously hurt in the fire.


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