City asks for neighbors to pick up trash cans to keep streets clean

(Source: KAIT-TV)
(Source: KAIT-TV)

LAKE CITY, AR (KAIT) - City officials in one community are asking their residents for help picking up their garbage.

Lake City Mayor Jon Milligan said they've encountered a new problem.

Trash cans turned over, in the road and even run over!

"From time to time," Milligan said. "People leave their trash can on the curb or the side of the street.  They don't take them back up at all or just leave them out for an extra couple of days. Then if they throw trash in them and the wind knocks them over and animals get in them or trash blows down the street or in a neighbor's yard. It's unsightly. It makes the street look bad."

Milligan said he's asking all Lake City residents to take their trash cans back in once the pick up on their street is complete.

"We want everybody to do that," Milligan said. "For the purpose of keeping the street clean and it not blowing in your neighbor's yard. And then we've had a few of them, I myself have stopped when the wind blows. You know, next day it's blown out in the street. A couple of them have gotten run over. The lids are broke. We'll just pull them over and move them out of the street. And we don't want anybody's trash can to get broke."

Milligan said he's reaching out to the community to avoid a citation.

"We're not looking to write anyone a citation over a trash can," Milligan said. "We're just asking everybody to put it out the night or morning before and the same day their trash runs take it off the street."

Milligan said city officials have worked hard to serve the public the best way they know how.

"We started our own trash service three years ago coming this November," Milligan said. "We want each entity to pay its own way. Our trash is ten dollars to the citizen, which is cheap and we're trying to keep it that low as long as possible. We don't want to cause anyone any hardship that we don't have to."

Milligan said they're looking at future improvements with the trash system.

"This fall, we'll be looking at purchasing the big trash cans for each home owner," Milligan said.  "We've been talking at city council, we don't want to raise the price just to have to do that. If we can get our dumpsters paid for then we'll take that same money and buy some trash cans. So, we'll be talking about that this fall for next year's budget. Those trash cans will have wheels and they've got good lids. It'll make it a lot easier to get them in and out off the street."

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