Clay County Men Plead Guilty to Cattle Rustling Charges

JULY 21, 2005 - Posted at 11:36 a.m. CDT

PIGGOTT, AR - In Piggott, two men admitted in court that they stole cows last winter during the cattle owner's funeral, and a judge ordered them to pay $5,160 in restitution to the man's widow.

Wesley Bryon Poole, 24, of Piggott, pleaded guilty in Clay County Circuit Court to three counts of theft; 20-year-old Dustin Causey of Pollard pleaded guilty to two theft counts.  The men were accused of stealing ten head of cattle during Mike Mobley's funeral March 2 and selling the cows at auction, then returning two weeks later and stealing more cows and selling them.  Poole worked for Mike Mobley.

Circuit Judge David Goodson ordered the two men to make restitution to widow Julie Mobley of Rector and to split the costs of reimbursing the Clay County Farm Bureau for the $9,600 the agency paid to Julie Mobley for insurance on the cattle.

The judge also placed the men on five years probation and fined each $1,000.  In addition, Poole was ordered to pay $383 to James Lindsey for a calf Lindsey owned that was reported stolen.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)