Are Folks In Region 8 Finding Love Online?

July 21, 2005 -- Posted at 1:00 p.m. CST

Rector, AR -- Davey Arnold is a single dad raising two teenage boys.

"So far I have been content here taking care of the boys and me. My youngest is in ninth grade, and so I am starting to think more of myself lately," said Arnold.

He spends a lot of time on his computer and kept seeing ads for online dating services.

The ads, he says, sparked his interest.

"I just wanted to see what it was all about basically.  I wanted to see what kind of people were out there. I wanted to see what kind of people were doing it. You never know what might pop up you know," said Arnold.

After filling out a thorough questionnaire about his likes, dislikes, and habits good and bad--it was time to sign up.

"I just said no, and ran like a rat, you know, but I may try it one of these days," said Arnold.

Davey says has never actually signed up for an online dating service, but he has taken the first step.

He says he has no doubt that it can work.

"It's all new, and it's something that I have never done. I hear so much about it. There's got to be something to it, because everyone is doing it," said Arnold.

He says part of the reason he hasn't joined is out of fear of the type of women with which he may be matched.

"She may not even be a woman; you never know these days," said Arnold.

He does believe there is the possibility he could find a mate online.