Drug Task Force Scores Two Major Busts; Nearly $350K in Drugs Off Streets

July 21, 2005 – Posted at 4:52 p.m. CDT, updated at 5:41 p.m.

JONESBORO, AR -- Fighting crime isn't easy, especially in the heat, but when police make a big bust, it all seems worthwhile.
 The Second Judicial District Drug Task Force just lightened the load for some drug dealers in Region 8 today.
“The guys in my office are happy. Anytime they see something this significant, it makes them real happy,” said Sgt. Jim Chambers of the Jonesboro Police Department.
The Drug Task Force confiscated 42 pounds of marijuana, over a pound of cocaine and nearly $15,000 dollars in cash on the east side of Jonesboro after an extensive investigation.
“A pound of cocaine is a lot of cocaine.  42 pounds of marijuana, typically, we'll get much about twice a year,” said Sgt. Chambers.
The real pay-off was getting $120,000 dollars worth of drugs off the streets in Region 8.
“We suspected that this guy was selling, but we didn't think it was this much,” said Sgt. Chambers, “We were really surprised when we got this much.”
Now the suspect could face life in prison for his stash. The suspect's name has not been released;  however, he will face a judge Friday for a probable cause hearing.
“People get involved in the fast money, and I guess they just don't really look at the consequences of what could happen to them afterwards,” said Sgt. Chambers.
One bust wasn’t enough for the DTF Thursday.
Along with the Jonesboro Police Department, Arkansas State Police and the Craighead County Sheriff's Department, they also seized two kilos of cocaine in a separate bust.
The raid happened on Steel Street in Jonesboro, and one man has been taken into custody.
The drugs were estimated to be worth about $200,000 dollars...making it a very a profitable day for law enforcement, who have taken nearly $350,000 dollars worth of drugs off the streets.