Could You Defend Yourself If Attacked?

July 21, 2005-- Posted at 10:00 PM CST

JONESBORO--Would you know how to defend yourself if you were attacked? Some Region 8 ladies are learning how to fight back.

Normally a man would use a purse to bring an assailant down, but a woman could. Martial arts experts from Joey Perry's Martial Arts are giving free lessons to Region 8 women.

Joey Perry said, "The ladies are being searched out. I mean you hear it all the time; attacks at Walmart, attacks at the mall, underneath cars and different attacks like that. So I think predators in the area are looking for weak people."

Over the next two weeks, women will learn how to defend themselves by using their keys, their fist and even their arms. The martial artists demonstrated on me how a simple choke hold could put someone out cold.

The hold did knock me unconscious, but I quickly came to. Don't worry I am fine. Now, these women know that they aren't defenseless.

Class attendant Stacey Dixon said, "I wasn't even in a mind set to think of all the little things that I could do until tonight. So I do fell more confident, more confident in the way that I walk."

You can learn some of these tips on July 17th and August 3rd at the First United Methodist Church.

For more information, you can log onto to learn about the up coming classes and how to enroll at his school.