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5 Reasons to replace your morning coffee with Matcha

Are you a hardcore coffee drinker?

If so, you’re not alone - most adults in the United States still prefer coffee, making it America’s morning beverage of choice.

However, so many people experience jitters, headaches, and a timely energy crash.

With all these negative side effects, people are switching to a special green powder that contains a natural dose of caffeine that leaves you feeling healthier and happier.

Meet Matcha green tea. An ancient Japanese powdered green tea that has been served for centuries to monks and samurai. To this day, matcha plays a huge role in Japanese culture and is frequently served in ice cream parlors, bakeries and all sorts of other food and beverage locations.

The largest matcha brand in America is Tenzo Tea, a company based in Los Angeles that sells Japanese matcha online and to over 85 locations with across Southern California.

We asked Robbie Page, one of the Co-founders, why people are killing coffee habits for matcha and he said that “American’s are just learning about the benefits of Matcha green tea. A lot of people don’t like the negative side effects of coffee, and a lot of others are learning exactly how healthy matcha is for your body”.

Let’s dive a little deeper into what Robbie mentioned.

In the name of all things good in the world, here are the reasons we recommend quitting the jitters, headaches and crashes from your life!

1.) Enjoy a Clean and Long Lasting Energy Boost

Matcha green tea naturally contains 70 mg of caffeine per serving (more caffeine than a shot of espresso) and instead of the jitters and headaches, Matcha’s energy buzz has a calming effect on the body. The caffeine in Matcha green tea is slowly released over 4-6 hours thanks to our friend, the rare amino acid “L-Theanine”. L-theanine works with the caffeine to create an “alert calm” due to its ability to induce relaxation without drowsiness. The result is an improved ability to concentrate, focus and stay in a good mood.

2.) Increase Your Mental Clarity

The caffeine in coffee triggers the “fight or flight” response in your body and increases the production of dangerous stress hormones, like cortisol. Matcha green tea is anti-cortisol, it reduces stress and helps to stabilize blood sugar. As a result it increases both physical and mental endurance, protects the body against the harmful effects of stress and helps to keep us in a positive mood. Not only does making matcha green tea help us slow down, but when coupled with meditation we have found it easier to get into zen, live in the moment, and live with mental clarity.

3.) Receive Powerful Antioxidants

One cup of matcha green tea has 10 times the antioxidants of a regular steeped green tea and far more antioxidants than coffee. In addition, coffee doesn’t contain catechins, a powerful family of antioxidants that have been linked with anti-aging and cancer fighting properties. 1 cup of matcha green tea packs a huge antioxidant punch which helps protect the body from things like heart disease, and cancer while fighting off the viruses and bacteria that make you sick.

4.) Improve Your Digestion

Coffee has a pH score of 5 or below which makes it highly acidic. Consuming coffee can cause an excessive production of gastric acids which leads to various kinds of digestive discomfort. Some of the problems that coffee drinkers experience include indigestion, heartburn and imbalance inside the gut.

Freshly brewed matcha green tea is neutral in pH and contains a high level of easily absorbable dietary fiber. Fiber promotes intestinal regularity and a healthy digestive system, helps keep blood sugar levels steady and controls hunger by promoting a feelings of fullness.

5.) Lose Weight

Matcha green tea knows the secret combination to pick the lock on your fat cells and drain them away. The catechin antioxidants work together with caffeine to naturally boost your metabolism and increase the amount of calories you burn on a daily basis. Jillian Tuchman, a dietitian and nutritionist for Aloha supplements claims "Drinking coffee plays with your blood sugar and can lead to weight gain in some cases. It's smart to make the switch to matcha green tea from your morning coffee”.

For many people, the reasons above have been more than enough to make the switch from coffee to matcha. Even for the person nervous about a little green in their life, matcha is perfect because it can be consumed in a variety of different ways. You can enjoy pies, lattes, cakes, smoothies, and more!

Either way, if you’re like most of us, there’s a good chance you drank a little too much coffee in the last few years (decades). So the next time you’re thinking about ordering a latte, instead of asking for an extra shot, ask to make it a matcha!

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