The Do-It-Yourself Craze, Why Do People Do It?

July 23, 2005--Posted at 5:00 p.m. CDT

Jonesboro, AR-- There are times when we forget who we really are, and we think we know something about home repairs.
A big craze that's sweeping the nation is Do-It-Yourself projects. Many have the skills and know a little about what to do if something needs to be fixed.
There are those of us, however, who buy the books and watch the T.V. shows to help us out with instructions and ideas.
Ron Haynes, Barton's District Manager, told us there are three reasons why people choose to do their own home remodeling.
"Cost is a big factor. You could have a $1,000 project that increases by at least another $1,000 to $1,500 just for labor. The pure satisfaction that a person gets after they complete there project is amazing and control."
Control plays a part because although 90% of contractors are honest, some have gotten trampled on before and don't want to take that chance again.
Tom Gleissner, a Jonesboro resident, says he chooses to do his own repairs and gives out a little piece of advice.
"Just get all your information before you get knee deep into something. Then it's just a big mess to try to get out of."
Tom says there are plenty of how-to books that can guide you along in your projects.