Puppy Appreciation Day Turns out to be a "Dog Gone Good Time"

July 24, 2005--Posted at 5:00 p.m. CDT

Jonesboro, AR-- You may have heard the phrase you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but the ladies at NAFA say they're trying to help.
We met up with Wannda Turner and her group of helpers to discuss the responsibilities of being a new pet owner.
"Everybody wants a cute puppy, but they don't realize that in a few months it will be an adult dog. They need proper nutrition and care."
Wannda said the first 5 ingredients on the back of the food bag are 90% of what your dog is eating.
"If in any of the first 5, it says byproducts, that's not good."
Animal Nutrition Advisor, Jerry Wilson says you get for what you pay.
"The cheaper the food, it usually means the cheaper the quality, and with low quality food you end up with less nutrients and more waist."
Wannda also trained a few owners on how to stop their pets from barking, biting, and potty training.
The NAFA has lots of pets that are waiting for homes. If you would like to adopt a pet or want more information on training your pet, you can contact Wanda at 870-932-1955.