Scientist Who Linked Smoking, Lung Cancer Dies

July 26, 2005-- Posted at 4:15 PM CDT

Sir Richard Doll, a British scientist whose name never reached the public recognition level that some of his peers like Dr. Jonas Salk did, died Sunday in Oxford at the age of 92.

Doll was the researcher whose landmark 1950 study first established the link between cigarette smoking and lung cancer. According to the Associated Press, Doll was an epidemiologist who continued his research at Oxford University's Imperial Cancer Research Center right up to the time of his death. The exact cause of death was not immediately released.

Doll wrote his 1950 study with Austin Bradford Hill, and it concluded that smoking was "a cause, and a major cause" of lung cancer, the wire service said.

Doll's latest research was published in 2004 and found that somewhere between 50 percent and 66 percent of people who begin smoking in their youth are eventually killed by the habit, the wire service reported.

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