School uses technology to personalize curriculum for students

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BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) - The Batesville School District is embracing technology to create a personalized curriculum for each student in grades 6 through 12.

The program, called Personalized Pioneer Pathways, is new to the school district this year.

Teachers use computer software by first testing students, finding out their depth of knowledge about a certain subject.

The personalized online course then skips the lessons they already know while spending more time on the ones they don't.

Superintendent Dr. Michael Hester said it is a blended method of teaching, using both online classes and face-to-face interaction with teachers.

This helps students not get bored with a class moving too slow for them or frustrated with one that moves too fast.

"We're personalizing it so that we can catch that kid, get them to the interventions where they're at, challenge them just one level above it so they can grow into it, and if they already know it we're not going to waste time with that and make them sit through that," Hester said. "We're moving them on to the next unit of instruction."

Hester said they can now catch students sooner if they are falling too far behind.

"If we see a kid start to struggle, we'll pull them out before Christmas, before the end of the first semester or the end of the second semester and we'll find out what units they are failing," Hester said. "We can go back and specialize on what they didn't know and spend time on that."

And if a student finishes the course early, they can do special projects relating to their desired career and the course they have completed.

"We'll make it where that builds your resume for you," Hester said.

The program can also cater to each student's learning style, whether that is through video games, simulations, or reading.

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