Region 8 Workers Keeping It Cool

July 26, 2005--Posted at 6:30 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO-- With blistering temperatures, it's hard for anyone to put in a full days work, but at W.R. Foods in Jonesboro they're keeping' it cool.
Warehouse Manager Bob Noles has worked with W.R. Foods for 34 years, and every summer, it's the same old story.
"When you first get here and open those doors, you can just feel the heat hit you in the face," Noles says.
 Inside the warehouse the temperatures are sweltering throughout the day...
"Right now it's probably 70 to 80. You don't think it's that hot, but it gets pretty warm in here," Boles says. 
 Outside, the heat is even worse.
Workers stay busy transporting things from the warehouse to their destination, but with temps up to 100 degrees; they can get pretty hot out there.
However, they say if you worked here, you could often be found in front of the fans, and the breeze is nice if you like hot air. If you really want to keep it cool, you can hang out in the cooler where it's about 50 degrees, or you can hang out in the freezer where temps are below zero.
"It's a lot easier working here in this cooler than it is in that heat out there," Boles says.
The freezer is a nice getaway from the heat, but the problem is it's sometimes hard for Bob to get his help out of the freezer and back to work...
"You go to missing some of your hands, come in here and you'll find them. Most of the time they'll be squatted down hidden behind a pallet. I don't blame them," Boles says.
W.R. Foods has been in the produce business since 1956.