Recycling changes to take place in 2018

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro residents will see a change in recycling within the next year. The city is planning to go from bags to carts in a more upgraded recycling program.

According to Ed Tanner, chief of operations for the city of Jonesboro, this is a long-term plan they implement starting July 1, 2018.

"As you know we have gone from weekly to twice monthly pickups with recyclables," said Tanner. "That will continue on, but we will take over the collection part of recycling."

Currently, the city is in a contract with Abilities Unlimited who collects and processes the recycling. After that contract is up June 30, the city plans to collect and may form a new contract with Abilities Unlimited for the processing part.

"We will buy about 10,000 64 to 65-gallon carts that are similar to the garbage carts but a bit smaller," said Tanner. "We also plan to buy two trucks made for these carts and hire two employees as well."

The cost of the carts are $40 but Tanner said residents who want to purchase one for their home will only have to pay half of that price and the city will cover the rest.

"They can order in January once our budget is approved," said Tanner. "They won't get the cart until the first of July."

Tanner said this change will cost the city $600,000-$650,000 but that it will all be worth it.

"This will be really great for the city," said Tanner. "We anticipate more people will want to recycle when these carts come in plus we are the ones that will be in charge of the operation so that will be great."

Tanner said there may be a few changes with the type of materials they pick up.

"We may not pick up glass," said Tanner. "We also may not pick up certain types of plastics as well but all of that will be finalized when that time comes."

Again, these recycling changes are not expected to take place until July 1, 2018.

"There are roughly about 8,000 residents in Jonesboro who participates in recycling," said Tanner. "The ultimate goal is to get everyone in the city on board."

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