STEM academy to promote recycling

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Jonesboro High School STEM Academy is looking to rebrand their program through recycling.

According to Dr. Jeff Flanigan, principal of the academy, this is a way to emphasize how crucial the environment is to the STEM program.

"STEM is the hub of what goes on in the world," said Flanigan. "We came up with Project STEMulate the Environment where we have entered a long-term partnership with Marck Recycling and Waste Company."

Flanigan said they are excited about this project due to the fact the school has never had a set in place recycling program.

"We have thousands of recyclables such as bottles, aluminum cans, and paper that come through the school and are thrown away," said Flanigan. "We are looking at this like an umbrella for everything."

Flanigan said at least 1,500 plastic water bottles are thrown away a day at the school.

"When students take a lunch, they have bottles there but even those who bring their own lunches and water bottles. It adds up," said Flanigan.

Flanigan said he hopes to get their recycling program up and running within the next two weeks.

"We plan to have receptacles for cans, plastic bottles, and paper that will be placed around the school," said Flanigan. "We have also got a trailer donated to us that we will sit outside the school and once we collect a full load, we will take it to Marck Recycling. I hope to keep this going for as long as possible."

Flanigan added the money collected from the recycling will go to good cause.

"The money we make off of this will go towards the purchase of refillable water bottle stations," said Flanigan. "In the spring we are going to host a Project STEMulate the Environment 5K with money from that going toward three to four of those stations as well."

Flanigan said at the end of the day, STEM and environment go hand in hand.

"A lot of times we get that techie kind of label," said Flanigan. "That is just a part of it. Being high in technology is a part of STEM, but it is only part of it. This is the foundation of our environment. This is our home. We won't get another one."

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