A-State to continue educating students on phishing attempts

(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Officials at Arkansas State University touched base on what they are doing to hopefully stop phishing fraud.

Region 8 News spoke with A-State spokesman Dr. Bill Smith on Wednesday, one day after the university reported yet another phishing scheme.

It is the fifth incident on campus in four years, Region 8 News reported.

According to Smith, the university plans to continue educating students on not giving into phishing emails.

"The challenge with phishing is that they become more sophisticated as the people who do them become better at socially engineering us to click on that button," Smith said. "The most important thing we can do to help limit the amount of phishing attempts to do what we did yesterday, is one that it happened and that students have fallen for it."

Hackers were able to receive student information by tricking them.

In this instance, while five students were affected by attempted phishing, two of them were not affected financially because the re-direct had been detected and cut off, according to Smith.

"What happened here also happened with some of our faculty and staff earlier," he said. "Someone gets into your account, they go in and they change the routing information. That is why we are asking students to check. Is the bank that you set up receive funds from the institution the same one you put in there?"

Smith said the university will do investigations and bring in experts in computer forensics.

However, he said there is little they can do to put an end to phishing completely.

"The problem with many of these, they lead offshore," Smith said. "Once they lead offshore then we are very limited, not Arkansas State, but American institutions in what they can do. Because if that phishing expedition emanated from Europe or Asia, there's very little that can be done at that point."

The university will never ask students for their ID's and passwords in an email.

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