'Dancing with the Stars' Winner Can Handle Backlash

July 27, 2005-- Posted at 3:15 PM CDT

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP)_ Got a problem that Kelly Monaco beat John O'Hurley on A-B-C's "Dancing with the Stars?" Some people do. But she can take it.

The actress from A-B-C's "General Hospital" says she's not going to "go home and cry" because someone didn't like her dancing. Some viewers are still surprised that she won and O'Hurley came in second. O'Hurley played catalogue king J. Peterman on N-B-C's "Seinfeld."

Meantime, Monaco says "Dancing with the Stars" is getting her noticed. She's being contacted about working "from primetime to feature." She won't say who's calling. But, she says the option wasn't there before.

A-B-C is planning a second edition of "Dancing with the Stars." The network hasn't announced an airdate yet.

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