Cell Phone ICE

July 27, 2005 – Posted at 4:22 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- If you've ever been in an emergency situation, you know that contacting loved ones can be a challenge. For paramedics and police responding at the scene, notification is further hampered if the injured person is unconscious. As a result, a new campaign is urging cell phone users to put ICE into their mobile phones.
“A lot of times, people are unconscious, and they are unable to tell us who they're emergency contacts may be. So we think it's important that the officers have access to that information,” said Jonesboro Police Department Sgt. Stephen McDaniel.
Having an emergency contact number in your cell phone can be a big help to paramedics and police.
“Everybody knows when you see ice.  In case of emergency,it's pretty simple,” said emergency medical technique David Jennings.
Simply select your person to contact in case of emergency, enter them under ICE and the telephone number to reach them. It only takes a few minutes to store, and experts say it's wise to have more than one contact.
“A family member is usually a good person to use as long as they are close by, and they can help in the ways they are needed to help,” said McDaniel.
“If they don't have that and when we get them to the hospital, you got to go searching start at ground zero.  If they can't talk, you don't have any other way of knowing who they are,” said Jennings.
The ICE campaign launched in May of this year and was the idea of a paramedic in England. At least two police forces in the United States are considering the idea, according to the initiative's British-based promoters, who say there has been a flurry of interest since the recent bombings in London.