A Better Region 8 Feedback: Speed trap at Cash or not

Last week, A Better Region 8 focused on Highway 226 through Cash, Arkansas, and asked if our viewers think it's a "speed trap" operated by the city of Cash and its police department. The Arkansas Speed Trap Law states that a city is only allowed to receive 30 percent of total expenditures from fines and fees.

Here at A Better Region 8, we believe in giving you a voice.  We asked for your thoughts on the Arkansas Speed Trap Law and if the law, as written, defines this as a speed trap to you.

Although the responses varied in opinion, the passion behind many of the opinions was strong

Weston emailed us and said: " What it appears they are doing is skirting the law by only writing tickets of 11 mph and over. I believe it to be considered a speed trap."
Kevin talked about the proximity of the main part of the city to Highway 226:  "They should not be issuing tickets there. It is a speed trap. The town is north of that area."
John also wrote us staying: "The only people who consider Cash a speed trap are the people speeding, after all, how do you tell a cop not to enforce the law."
Nathan wrote about getting other law enforcement involved:  "If the city isn't allowed to write as much as they need to, then why can't the county and state troopers get involved? Sounds like they need help anyway."
Frank weighed in with one short sentence: "Don't speed. No ticket. It's that simple."

Whether or not it's a speed trap as defined by the current law is yet to be determined.  If you want the Arkansas Speed Trap Law rewritten, let your state legislator know. Until this all gets resolved, my advice is to set your cruise control at 65 mph when going through Cash, Arkansas.

To everyone who wrote us, and responded on social media with your opinion, thank you. Making your voice heard and being open to opposing points of view makes this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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