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Truck stuck in Lake Poinsett

(Source: @wpnicholson3 via Twitter) (Source: @wpnicholson3 via Twitter)
(Source: Ronnie Weston) (Source: Ronnie Weston)

Update:  Brett Timmons with the AGFC informed me last night, that the truck was retrieved for the owner. 

I recently posted stories about the drawdown of Lake Poinsett, and warned everyone that the lake bed is very soft.  The picture of the truck is an example of what could happen if you are not careful in launching your boat on what looks like the dry portion of the lake bed.  I really hope a tow truck can get close enough to pull this truck out for the owner.

Sunday (10-8) I went down to survey the progress of the drawdown.  There were several people fishing from the bank, and only one boat on the lake.  I was concerned to see a little boy walking bare-footed down the edge of the bank.  As I have mentioned, the lake bed is strewn with glass and everyone should be very careful even in shoes.

The water level is down enough to expose the lake bed between the drain control tower and the bank.  It is absolutely amazing how quickly the water is being pumped out.

(The attached video of the lake was also shot Sunday 10/8)

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