Bill Protects Gun Manufacturers and Dealers

July 28, 2005--Posted at 7:20 PM CST

JONESBORO--It was a legal question raised after the Westside tragedy. The U.S. Senate has proposed a bill that would protect gun manufactureres and dealers against suits involving gun related crimes. The issue of crimes and guns has been on the table for years, but a lawsuit filed after the Westside shooting is getting results.

In a 66 to 32 vote, the U.S. Senate proposed a bill that would make lawsuits against firearm manufacturers and gun dealer null and void.

Gun dealer Graham Eldridge said, "Murder is murder regardless. If it is missfire or an accident, well then that is a different story. The dealer or the manufacturer shouldn't be liable for any of that, that is a crime."

Eldrige, gun dealer at DNW Outdoors believes that lawsuits involving gun manufactures are frivolis and uncalled for.

"Those lawsuits are junk. They waste time in court and tax payers dollars, that is what they do. If I was a carpenter and I hit myself with the hammer I just bought a J.T. White, I wouldn't sue J.T. White," Eldridge said.

Attorney Bobby McDaniel represents the victims families of the Westside shootings. He filed a claim against Remington Guns. The judge overseeing the case saw that the manufacturer had no responisibilty or involvement in the shooting.

Even though his lawsuit was dropped, McDaniel says he has claimed victory.

McDaniel said, "If you go look now, before that lawsuit was filed, you didn't see trigger locks anywhere. Now you see trigger locks everywhere, and our lawsuit has raised the bar of safety. I am very proud of that."

"You know the gun owner has to be safe about it. He has to use the lock or it is no good. We can sell a lock, but if you dont use it. But like I said they have to be used," Eldridge said.