School Supply Prices On The Rise

July 29, 2005--Posted at 10:30 PM CST

JONESBORO--Just like Christmas and Thanksgiving, it comes around once a year. Back to school shopping is one of the hottest times for retailers, but this year is expected to be slightly cooler.

I can remember that feeling; despising the fact that summer was over, and I had to go school supply shopping. That is an all to familiar routine for parents and kids alike.

Today, a new survey was released that showed parents will spend less this year on school supplies.  With the length of the list increasing, how could they spend less?? From the notebooks, to the pens and of course the white out, school supply list are getting longer year by year. Parents say that the prices are going up, and they are buying considerably less.

Parent April Smith said, "It is getting very hard each year to buy all that I need for three kids."

"We got one starting kindergarten, one in the 2nd grade, one in 10th grade and one is a senior this year. So we have got them ranged out," Parents Patricia & Trent Geurin said.

In a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, data showed that families with school age children will spend on average $443 on back to school items, that number is down nearly 9% from last year. Patricia and Trent say times have change since they were in school.

The Geurin's said, "The bad part is that the schools are asking to bring supplies now, that when I was in school you didn't have to bring them. You got to bring tissues and Kleenex. You got to bring anti-bacterial soap. I mean all kinds of things that we didn't have to bring when we were kids."

Today's children are growing up in a much different world than their parents; Crayons named Mango Tango, Inch Worm, and Wild Blue Yonder. Multi colored folders a long shot from the manilla type. Now parents, just smile and do their best to provide.

For parents in Missouri, your annual relief is a week away. Beginning August 5th and running through August 8th, Missouri residents will see a tax break of nearly 5.5% on going back to school supplies. Of course, this doesn't apply towards a news car. For a complete list of included items, call the Poplar Bluff Chamber of Commerce at (573) 785-7761.