Arkansas Farmers, Schools Wary of New Daylight Savings Time

JULY 29, 2005 - Posted at 3:20 p.m. CDT

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Having daylight-saving time start three weeks earlier and run through Halloween won't serve Arkansas school children well, according to rural education officials.

The U.S. House approved the time change in an energy bill approved yesterday.

The energy legislation was expected to be passed by the Senate probably today, and sent to President Bush.

Valley Springs school superintendent Mark Sanders said today that some of his students ride the bus an hour one way to get to classes.  He said the time change will have kids standing outside waiting for the bus in the dark.

Farmers said the change would adversely affect livestock.

The time change is supposed to save energy because people have more daylight in the evening and do not have to turn on lights.  Some senators also questioned how much actual energy savings would be achieved.

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