Surviving the Storm

Betty Wise was watching television one afternoon when the K-8 storm team interupted with a severe weather warning. Following the basic rules of safety, Betty decided to leave her moble home and go to the storm shelter out back. Unfortunately, she never made it. As she was walking out the door, lightning blew a hole in her roof and ran staight threw the door in to Betty, "It was such an experience, I thought well since I'm paralyzed why am I feeling such burning all in my arms and my hands and my shoulders."

Betty's husband raced her to the hospital. "When I got in there that doctor couldn't find any holes, and then the nurse said look at her arms, which I hadn't paid that much attention to, but they were great big welps on the veins that were sticking up."

Betty's family and friends began to pray for her survival, and as the feeling returned to her paralized arms, Betty started shaking violently. "After about two and half hours I guess, I finally quit shaking, and I looked at my body and my arms were moving, my hands were moving and I said its a miracle. God has reached down and I know there is power in prayer because he kept me from dieing that day."

Betty survived her brush with death, and says she will never forget what saved her. "I get up every morning and I say thank you God for letting me live to tell my story.))