More than Neighbors...

On a cool, rainy day there's nothing like the cover of a porch, a hot cup of coffee and the company of good friends. However, the Camps and Irvins of Malden, Missouri are not just friends, they're neighbors.  That makes for easy access for daily visits. That is until Tom Irvin took a fall one night after dinner. "I've had three back surgerys and its left my left numb, and my leg gave way on me and I stubbled out there and I actually knocked myself out." 
   Tom's friend and neighbor, Vicki Camp was imediately concerned, "We didn't know exactly what had happen cause when they would go to touch him he would say, I'm hurting. My first thought was the man has had a heart attack."
   However, it wasn't his heart, his leg or his head. The pain was in his arm. "When they xrayed it they said you could just push on it and fracture it, that's how thin the bone was." Thats when Tom found out he had bone cancer. Doctors also found the cancer in his head, his back and in both legs.  When Vicki heard the news, she began to pray for Tom to be healed, but she also prayed for something more, "In my heart I knew that I wanted to see Tom healed, but most of all my concern was that if this is going take his life, I want to see him again."  Vicki began to witness to Tom.
   Tom knew things were serious, "The doctor came out and said this was going to take my life unless I had a heart attack or got hit by a car or something, this right here was going to take my life. So i went to a higher power." A short time later, Tom's cancer was in remission.
   Vicki says she was amazed, "Even knowing in my heart that it could be done, when he came in that night and said my cancer is in remission it was just like wow, Lord I knew you answered prayers but this is just mind boggeling, this is too fast."
  Tom says it was the love of his friend Vicki, his wife Mary and the power of prayer that saved him. "If it wasn't for her, Mary and the preacher and all the prayers I don't think I could have made it."