Butler County Homicide Leaves 3 People Dead

July 31, 2005- Posted at 1:15 p.m. CDT

Butler County, AR- Three people are dead after what was believed to be a confrontation in Southeast Missouri.

A Region 8 father and daughter thought to have died in a fire last Tuesday, were apparently murdered before the blaze destroyed their Fisk home.

Coroners say the bodies of 39 year old Terry Yates and his 10 year old daughter Emily had both been shot in the head.

Police are holding 19 year old Brandon Mcgill of Fisk in connection with the homicides.

He's been charged with first degree murder and armed criminal action.

Police are also holding Otto Von Reudgish in connection with the investigation.

Another suspect in the case, 20 year old Jeremy Conover, was discovered dead yesterday at the St. Francis River.

Police say a disagreement over Mcgill driving too fast in front of the Yates' home may have sparked the confrontation.

A memorial fund has been established for the Yates family.

The Twin Rivers class of 1983 and the Twin Rivers Fisk fifth grade class have set up the Terry and Emily Yates Memorial Library fund.

Donations can be made to: Twin Rivers RX school district C/O Terrry & Emily Yates memorial library fund p.o. Box 146 Broseley, Mo 63932 funds will be used to purchase books for the school library.