Deputies shave head in honor of teen battling cancer

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JACKSON COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - "I'm with Abraham #1" has been a theme in the Jackson County Community ever since Abraham Gomez was diagnosed with testicular cancer in August.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Department took the love and support the community is known for having a step further for the 14-year-old Newport Junior High School football player.

"You know him going through chemotherapy, he lost all of his hair," said Captain Ricky Morales with the department. "I figured if he does, why don't we do it as well for support. What better way to show support than to go bald for him."

One by one, a deputy at the department shaved their head, including Aaron Thomas.

"I'm with Abraham today," said Thomas. "This is for him."

Morales said this act should show how cancer can affect anyone.

"If one person can just do one kind thing for somebody, you never know it might change somebody's life," said Morales.

It was a bold move that no one hesitated to make.

"For a cause like that, it doesn't bother me," said Glen Dugan, a deputy. "It will grow back."

Friday, the department even visited Abraham at his home.

It was an experience that hit close to home for Sheriff David Lucas as he just lost his sister to cancer not even two weeks ago.

"I saw in front of me a very brave young man," said Lucas. "With a real positive attitude and that was something. He kind of picked up us instead of us picking him up."

Abraham said it was a speechless moment for him when he found out what the deputies did for him.

"It is really an honor for the sheriff's department to be on my side and to shave their heads just for me," said Abraham. "It's like a good feeling knowing I have good people on my side."

Even with more rounds of chemo ahead of him, Abraham says he's blessed to know it is a battle he won't have to fight alone.

"If he needs anything or his whole family, all they got to do is call us and we will do whatever we need to do for them," said Lucas.

Abraham also encourages everyone to let his story be an example of how even during the bad things in life, happiness still exists.

"I don't know how to explain the feeling," said Abraham. "It's like the best feeling in the world you can have from all of the support."

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