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The Smart Track to Healthy Eating: Tips to Stay on Your Diet

August 1, 2005-- Posted at 4:57 PM CDT

Hudson, Mass.,PRNewswire-- While the goal of eating right is more critical than ever, today's faster, on-the-go culture creates great challenges for dieters, says Sandeep Shah, CEO of Skyscape Inc., the leading provider of interactive mobile solutions for health conscious consumers and medical practitioners.

Almost two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese and of those Americans who diet, only one in four will stick to it for a full year. How does one stay on the smart track to healthy eating? Shah offers these tips:

* No Fooling, Get Real: Avoid fads. Find a diet that is understandable, workable, and rooted in the medical profession. See the federal government's new "2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans," at * Don't Leave Home Without It: Take your diet to work, shopping, and to restaurants on your PDA or smartphone. For instance, The South Beach Diet(TM) OnHand at, ensures approved recipes, meal plans, and eating-out guides are available anywhere. * Nurture the Spirit: Stay positive and enthused by surrounding yourself with success. Share healthy-eating habits with friends, learn from personal achievement stories in magazines and TV, and strengthen your resolve with others in support groups. * Use the Net: Log onto Internet sites for interactive planning and support tools. Example: Online at, dieters can track their weight, plan meals, keep a journal, generate supportive shopping lists, ask questions of experts, and reference food guides and recipes. * Read the Label: Look for nutritional information on food packaging, restaurant menus and fast food bags. Understand the key factors you need to stay on diet to avoid "information overload." * Sleep Better: Research shows that individuals who sleep less than eight hours a night have a lower level of a key hormone that regulates appetite. Insufficient sleep leads to weight gain and creates a vicious circle, says sleep expert Dr. Nikos Linardakis. * Make Getting Healthier a Passion, Not Another Chore: Undertaken as an overall personal improvement effort, the practice of adapting your eating habits and exercise regimen to look and feel better -- is a natural fit. About Skyscape

Skyscape, Inc., is the leading provider of interactive mobile solutions for both the health conscious consumer and the medical practitioner. Skyscape provides the most extensive portfolio of trusted medical references -- with over 270 of medicine's most trusted and reputable references in over 35 medical specialties from the world's finest medical publishers. Today over 400,000 medical professionals trust Skyscape to help them make the most informed decisions at the point-of-care.

In April 2005, Skyscape extended its focus to provide health-conscious consumers with mobile solutions to help improve their health and wellness, with solutions such as The South Beach Diet(TM) OnHand, the only mobile version of the highly successful South Beach Diet(TM). Skyscape's solutions are available on multiple platforms, including Palm OS(R), Windows(R) CE and Pocket PC. For more information about Skyscape, visit

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