White County Residents Voice Their Opinions on Social Security

August 1, 2005--Posted at 5:00 p.m.

Searcy, AR-- Seniors in White County met today in Searcy to discuss their views about Social Security.
Senator Blanche Lincoln and Congressman Vic Snyder attended the meeting to give their stand on Social Security and Bush's Reform Plan.
Those who attended the meeting had a chance to ask questions and discuss their concerns.
Many were concerned that if Bush's plan passes, they along with the younger generation would suffer after retirement.

The fact is the social security plan was set up 70 years ago as a safety net for the nation's seniors. It was never intended to be a retirees only source of income. Unfortunately, that's what it has become for many.

President Bush's plan calls for a percentage of a workers check to be invested in a private account, if the employee so chooses, or the employee could continue to pay into the present system.

According to a chart from Sen. Lincoln, Social Security brings in $125 million into White County's economy. Anyone who is 55 or older, Bush promises will not be affected, but with the rise of baby-boomers growing older, residents are worried their economy will suffer.

They are also concerned that if the younger generation is given the opportunity, they won't make wise decisions, and they will suffer at retirement.