A Better Region 8: Another special GR8 Acts of Kindness

Two years ago KAIT and First Community Bank started an amazing project in Region 8.

In a world being dominated by negative news, why not highlight the good news, why not highlight selfless acts by people to help others in our community.

From that, came GR8 Acts of Kindness.

For two years, Diana Davis has highlighted the good people do for one another. The selflessness of wanting to recognize others and the positive impact they have on others in Region 8.

As Diana recently put on her Facebook page, these moments...so many times...just take your breath away.

Veterans who have worked so hard and tirelessly so that other generations will never forget, to fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons who have faced unimaginable grief, but still strive to make a difference.

You the viewers submit these names, you the viewers are the ones keeping this positive energy flowing, YOU are the ones making a difference.

Monday on Region 8 News at 10, Diana highlight's the latest Great Acts of Kindness with a sisterhood that was forever bonded in self-giving, and what doctor's call a miracle.

It's a story that truly brought a community together, and will bring tears to your eyes.

Thank you for allowing us to bring these stories to you for the past 2 years, and allowing us to witness the humanity and goodness that dwells within Region 8.

And you know what? We're just getting started. Shedding light on the good things and taking care of each other makes this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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