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Too Little Known About Women And Heart Drugs: Report

August 2, 2005-- Posted at 3:55 PM CDT

Heart drugs affect women differently than men and too little is known about the potential risks for women taking such drugs, German researchers write in the latest issue of the European Heart Journal.

Because too few women take part in heart disease studies, there is insufficient information available about potential side effects for women taking heart drugs, BBC News reported of the researchers' conclusions.

For many years, heart disease was incorrectly regarded as a male condition, even though heart disease actually kills more women than breast cancer, the researchers said.

Their analysis of previous studies identified several ways in which women respond differently to heart drugs than men. They said more heart drug studies with women are needed.

"Because too few women participate in heart disease trials we are not sure whether they really benefit from some therapeutic strategies that have shown clinical benefits in trials conducted predominately in men," said research leader Verena Stangl, professor of cardiology at Humboldt University in Berlin.

"So, we prescribe drugs to women adapted from evidence-based data obtained from studies conducted mainly in men and we do not really know whether we help or harm the female patients," Stangl said.

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