Cox Communications Launches K8 on HDTV

August 2, 2005--Posted at 6:30 p.m. CST


JONESBORO--KAIT and Cox Communications are teaming up to provide cable customers with a better quality picture.  On Tuesday, August 02, Cox Communications made KAIT available to its customers in high definition.  K-8 has been available in HD for over a year off air, but now it’s available to cable customers as well.

K8 Vice President and General Manager Ted Fortenberry said, “This is a great partnership with Cox Communications.”  He said he’s excited Cox allowed KAIT to partner with them to launch the HD system.

Offering HDTV through a local station isn’t considered common.  So, according to Deanna Hornback with Cox Communications, K8 is on the cutting edge.


  “There’s not a lot of communities where local affiliates broadcast in HD,” she said,  “So, we feel very fortunate that our local affiliate has chosen to do that.”

To get high definition picture quality in your home, you’d need an HDTV set and a digital video recorder (DVR), available through Cox.  Once those items are in place, you can watch shows in a whole new way.  However, even with the proper equipment, not every show on K8 is available in the HD format, though most primetime shows are.

If you’re not a Cox subscriber but would still like to get KAIT on HDTV, call your local cable provider and make a request.