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MARMADUKE, AR (KAIT) - A mission to upgrade the Marmaduke Police Department's medical bags was accomplished after a local business owner made a donation to purchase new ones.

According to Scott Chambers, a lieutenant with the police department, he has always wanted new medical bags for each of their patrol units.

"Our current ones are outdated and do not have that many things that can help in a serious medical situation," said Chambers.

Chambers said he felt this way for a while but after a fatal shooting at the Quik Stop convenience store on Highway 49, he jumped into action on the issue.

"I reached out to the chief and the mayor and said there is a serious need for new medical bags and they agreed," said Chambers. "So the mayor reached out to the owner of the store to see if he could help and he was very forthcoming."

"I've always told the city officials and our department if they ever needed anything to reach out to me and I will do whatever I can," said Bruce Gibbons, the store owner. "So we were able to do this. It is just great giving back to the community."

Gibbons donated $250 to the department for the medical bags.

"People would look at that as a small donation because they are so used to donations over $1,000 but this one will definitely have a big impact," said Mayor Steve Dixon.

Chambers purchased stocked medical bags with the money, but Arkansas Methodist Medical Center took it a step further.

"They ended up donating to us more items to go in our bags," said Chambers. "Now they are fully stocked. Stethoscopes, trauma dressings, blood pressure cuffs, and more. We can help anyone who is having a diabetic attack all the way to a gunshot wound or a stabbing."

With 31 years in the medical field, Chambers said he felt like that shooting was a wake-up call for everyone.

"I felt kind of lost not being able to do anything more when I arrived on the scene," said Chambers. "It kind of hit close to home. I understand that we are not going to prevent deaths like that from happening again, but we will be able to control bleeding and other things that we can do before the paramedics arrive."

Gibbons said because of that, it was a no-brainer to help out.

"The police sometimes are the first responders before the emergency crews can get there, so this gives them a leg up to help that citizen who needs help," said Gibbons.

Each patrol unit in the city will receive one of the five medical bags they were given.

Chambers also said he is thankful to Paula Hardin, a Marmaduke school nurse, Registered Nurse, and a First Aid/CPR Instructor with the American Heart Association. Hardin donated her time to teach officers different medical procedures.

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