Arrest Made In Osceola Murder Case

August 4, 2005--Posted at 6:00 p.m. CDT
JONESBORO-- Osceola hasn't had reports of a homicide in three years, but that all ended with the murder of businessman, J.W. Hall in late June.
The Osceola murder sent shock waves through the small town, but it looks like the crime may almost be put to rest.
A little over a month ago J.W. Hall was shot at his Osceola business. Police say that although the case is still under investigation, one arrest has been made.
The silence was lurking at the Osceola Police Department, but evidently the investigation in Hall's murder is well underway.
This is the man they suspect was involved in the homicide. His name is Kenny Travis, and he was arrested Wednesday on a capital murder warrant.
"Warrants were issued at noon, and we arrested him at about 1:00," Chief Rigsby says.
For Osceola citizens, the arrest will not take away the shock of Hall's murder.
Resident Chester Tyler says, "It was kind of shocking. I really don't want to talk about it, because he was like a friend to me."
The speculation behind what happened, or they say it could be a...
"Bad deal on the car dealership or somebody just wanted to do it," Tyler says. 
 What really happened, is still a mystery.
"I can't discuss anything in the case," Chief Rigsby says.
It is a silence that is shared by J.W. Hall's family and co-workers.
The only thing they did say is they hope police find all those responsible and put this tragedy to rest, returning Osceola to the small, quiet place it was before.
Police still aren't releasing much information in this case, but they do say they suspect they will make more arrests.