Is the Bono Police Department Ready for Growth?

August 5, 2005--Posted at 4:45 p.m. CDT

Bono, AR-- The new bypass through Bono is bringing in new developments for the area.
Bono has recieved Sonic, Jr. Foods, Subway, and they are about to start construction on new housing projects.
"We are a bedroom community to Jonesboro, and people realize we are a good town. We have good values, and we are like a family."
Chief Rick Duhon told us the town has been planning events, such as their National Day Out where the community is able to get together and learn about police officers and what they do.
"We are here for protection and to serve the people, and we just want everyone to know we are the good guys."
Although growth will be good for the area, it could also bring more crime. The station is made up of three staff members, and some are worried that's not enough.
"When the time comes, we will have to grow as the city grows, but we will never be shorthanded and unable to protect those in need."
Duhon said they are fortunate that they also have help from the state police.