6-Year-Old Girl Gives Birthday Money to Charity

August 7, 2005--Posted at 6:45 p.m. CDT

Batesville, AR--It's not everyday that a little girl decides to give up her birthday money to charity, but that's just what Madeline Montague did.
"I decided to give my money to the March of Dimes, because I was a premie.  I want other premie babies to have a chance."
Madeline said she only wanted a bicycle, a radio, and some clothes. The rest, she wanted to donate.
Her mother Shelly said when others heard what they were doing, they gave her more than usual for her birthday.
"A $5 toy isn't going to last but just a little while, so they were giving her $20 to $25 more than they had before. It's like everybody was helping."
Matt, her father, said when his boss at Lakeside heard about the fundraiser he said he would match whatever she raised.
"Madeline ended up with $125 so Lakeside matched it with another $125. So she was able to donate $250."
Madeline's contribution will help kick off the 'Bikers' for Babies' event in September.
When we asked Madeline how she felt about the whole thing, she stated, "I am proud, and I know the babies will have a chance."