Couple worried they lost thousands on driveway work

Couple worried they lost thousands on driveway work
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - An elderly Jonesboro couple is worried that they have lost thousands of dollars on shoddy driveway work.

According to a Jonesboro police incident report, the couple told police they felt pressured into having their driveway repaired by a man who came to their door.

The report said the couple spoke briefly with the man, but he never gave them an estimate.

They then left their home and on return, found the man and two others repairing the driveway.

The man told the couple they would have to sign an agreement since the work was nearly complete.

The victim said he signed because he felt like he did not have a choice, the report states.

Work continued on the driveway for a few more hours until it was finished, the report states. The suspect told the couple the work would cost $14,000.

At that time, the victims told the suspect they could not afford that amount, at which time the suspect agreed to accept $12,000.

That was still too much for the victims to afford, according to the report. That was when they agreed to a payment of $9,000.

The suspect asked for either a credit card or a blank check, but the couple refused and instead, made a check out for $9,000.

Jonesboro police offered some advice for those who think they are being taken advantage of.

"If someone comes to your home with like a high-pitched pressured sales pitch demanding money from you or saying you are obligated to something you may think you're not obligated to, the first thing you should tell them if you want them to leave," Cpl. David McDaniel with JPD said.

The report said on Monday the suspect showed up at the couples home again requesting another payment.

The couple told police the suspect got aggressive and demanded money and then quickly left when the victim told him she was contacting an attorney.

Police told the couple that the matter is a civil matter since they signed an agreement.

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