Elementary students bring holiday spirit to holiday potluck

Elementary students bring holiday spirit to holiday potluck

BROOKLAND, AR (KAIT) - A group of Region 8 kids stepped out of the classroom to bring the Christmas spirit to some seniors.

Seniors gathered together at Brookland City Hall on Tuesday for their Holiday Potluck.

Community liaison for Dierksen Hospice, Jana Wineland, said they've made this a tradition.

"This is the Senior Potluck for Brookland," Wineland said. "We've been doing this for about five years. It's a great community event. We try to have something at least every other month. We have singing or people come in and speak to us. And we have a lot of people who come."

Kindergarteners from Brookland Elementary School visited the group to sing them several Christmas numbers they had been working hard on.

"We're looking forward to that," Wineland said. "But we try to just make sure that the seniors have something. We will be getting a community building. So, when they get that we will actually have a place to go, maybe more than once a month. It's wonderful. So, we can have something every week instead of just once a month."

Jonesboro resident Mary Strait decided to visit the potluck.

"I'm a guest here, myself," Strait said. "I just came by to be with these lovely people. I was going to come in and help Jana, but she had everything ready and put together. This whole thing was even her idea, from day one. She came to Brookland, visited with some of the residents and they said they wanted a place to get together. And so, she came up with the idea."

Wineland said the event helps people to get out who normally don't, and helps those who are homebound.

"This is wonderful," Wineland said. "And it also helps the people that are stay at home people that are sick. We take plates to people. Our people here at Brookland are very, very good at taking food to people. It gets everybody out and they get to kind of meet each other. New people coming into town, they have a place to meet. It's usually 60 and above, but anyone who wants to come is welcome to."

Strait said events like this are about the company.

"Look at these faces," Strait said. "And I've noticed something about this. Seniors are notorious for not eating very much. These folks have put the food away. It's the fellowship. The closeness of being able to be together. And they've just enjoyed the food, but they've enjoyed each other."

Wineland said they try to organize something entertaining or useful to seniors.

"It does help," Wineland said. "We have different things for the community too. Sometimes the police officers come and they tell us different things. Some of the scams that are going on in town. To know maybe a little ahead of time before something happens."

Wineland said the library often also comes and visits the seniors, bringing books to them that way they don't have to travel in order to check them out.

Wineland said Mayor Kenneth Jones has made this event possible.

They hold an event every 3rd Tuesday of the month.

Lunch begins at 11:30 and afterward an event takes place.

For more information, call (870) 856-5033.

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