Westside Murderer Will Soon be a Free Man

August 10, 2005--Posted at 6:00 pm CDT

Jonesboro, AR --Just hours before Westside Middle School convicted murderer Mitchell Johnson’s release, those affected are beginning to speak out.  On Good Morning America, Mitch and Zane Wright spoke candidly about their long road to healing.

Mitch’s wife of the time, Shannon Wright, was one of the five people killed during the shooting spree.  He told a national audience that he felt seven years was not enough time to give Mitchell Johnson in prison.  He also spoke about his disbelief at how Johnson will now be able to legally purchase a gun, register to vote, and serve in the military.

Back here in the region, local law enforcement say they have no clue as to when or where Mitchell Johnson will be released.  Prosecuting Attorney Brent Davis says the precedent for children in federal custody has not been set, so authorities are being extra cautious to keep both Johnson and Andrew Golden personal information secretive.