Crittenden County Plant Could Get Bigger...Before It's Finished

AUGUST 11, 2005 - Posted at 8:07 a.m. CDT

MARION, AR - Toyota Motor Corporation says it plans to build a bigger plant than earlier planned at San Antonio, Texas, to produce full-size Tundra pickup trucks.

Hino Motors is building a plant in Arkansas at Marion to produce axles that will be used in the Tundra pickups.  A Hino executive said Wednesday that the company is considering expanding that plant to accomodate Toyota's greater demand for the axles.

Toyota said the San Antonio plant's capacity will be expanded to 200,000 vehicles a year, instead of the 150,000 annually that was originally planned.

"If the San Antonio plant increases its capacity, of course, we have to follow," said Makoto Arakawa, plant manager at Marion.

Current plans for the Hino plant call for 280 employees.

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