Warrants: men threatened bus driver following crash

Warrants: men threatened bus driver following crash

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Two warrants released to Region 8 News detail more information regarding an incident involving a Paragould school bus.

The incident happened on December 1 after an accident involving the bus near Oak Grove.

Warrants for disorderly conduct and terroristic threatening were signed for 20-year-old Tyler Lee Willard and 48-year-old TK Brannon.

According to the warrant for Willard, the man approached the bus when it pulled over and demanded the bus driver turn the bus off. He said, according to the warrant, his sister got off the bus crying.

The court document said the driver asked Willard to calm down. The driver said he was calling someone to which Willard replied, "You better be, and they better get here soon. Cause if not, I swear to god I'm gonna drag you off this bus and whoop you in front of every one of em. I'm not playing," according to the record.

The warrant for Brannon detailed a similar situation.

The record states Brannon approached the bus once it pulled over and started yelling at the driver to turn the bus off. At one point, according to the warrant, Brannon told the bus driver he was going to get on the bus and "dot his eye."

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